Bild: „Panorama aerial drone view row of single-family detached house in residential area with colorful autumn leaves. Straight down view of suburban subdivision near Dallas, Texas, USA“  Von trongnguyen  license from AdobeStock

Bild: „Modern house with solar panels on the gable roof“ Von slavun license from AdobeStock

Bild: „Illuminated Parisian hotel sign taken at dusk“ von Brian Jackson  license from AdobeStock

Bild: „Agricultural Silos – Building Exterior, Storage and drying of grains, wheat, corn, soy, sunflower against the blue sky with rice fields.“ from funfunphoto license from AdobeStock

Bild: „Tomatoes washing on the conveyor line at the tomatoes paste factory“ from stillkeeper

Bild: „Meat hooks hanging in a slaughterhouse.“ from Sutipond Stock license from AdobeStock

Bild: „Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral – Mexico City, Mexico“ from diegograndi license from AdobeStock


  • Refugee Camp by hikrcn / stock.adobe: 27023656
  • Military Camp by pingvin57/ stock.adobe: 87683138
  • Worker Camp by vitos / stock.adobe: 308555064
  • Oil field by Corona Borealis / stock.adobe: 329059748
  • Worker Camp 2 by Adwo / stock.adobe: 227717959
  • Mining by bobo1980 / stock.adobe: 162056051
  • Toilets for festivals by Rawf8 / stock.adobe: 233575919
  • Construction site by Panumas / stock.adobe: 322912716

Bild: „Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept)“ from chaiyapruek License from Adobe Stock

Bild: „Nabawi mosque during sunrise golden hour.“ von AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA von AdobeStock

Bild: „The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan in the panorama of Cairo, Egypt“ von AlexAnton von AdobeStock

Bild: “ pyramids giza cairo in egypt with camel caravane panoramic scenic viewvon sculpies von AdobeStock

Picture: „The Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali, Africa.“ from michelealfieri License from AdobeStock

Picture: “ Oil and gas industry – refinery factory – petrochemical plant at sunrise “ from Travel mania “ License from AdobeStock

Picture: „World Map Vector. Detailed illustration of worldmap“ from Porcupen License from AdobeStock

Picture: „Cliffs of Moher at sunset, Co. Clare, Ireland“ from Patryk Kosmider License from AdobeStock

Picture: „The New Castle, Ingolstadt, Germany“ from catalinlazar License from AdobeStock

Picture: „Kuwait Tower City Skyline glowing at night, taken in Kuwait in December 2018 taken in hdr“ from Lukas License from AdobeStock

Picture: „Nabawi mosque during sunrise golden hour.“ from AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA License from AdobeStock

Picture: „Sankt Petersburg“ from alexanderanissov License from AdobeStock

Bild: „Garbage truck dumping the garbage on a landfill“ von Dalibor Danilovic von AdobeStock

Bild: von VisionPic .net von Pexels

Bild: von Olenka Sergienko von Pexels

Bild: von Gustavo Fring von Pexels

Bild: sl wong von Pexels

Bild: „Fiberglass production industry equipment at manufacture background, wide-focus lens“ von Ivan Traimak license von AdobeStock